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Homeowners' insurance protects your home in many ways. In the case of a covered loss, homeowners insurance can help cover repair costs or even to rebuild your home! Covered losses may include disasters such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, winds, fires, and more. In addition to providing coverage for your dwelling, homeowners insurance can help you to replace personal property damaged or lost in the event of loss.

Listed below are common types of coverages included in a homeowner's insurance policy:

Dwelling Coverage
Dwelling coverage, or Coverage A, covers damage to your home that may occur due to a loss that's covered, including fires. In the case of a covered loss, this coverage may help pay for repairs or even to rebuild the property.
Other Structures
Other Structures coverage, or Coverage B, covers damages to structures or buildings that are on your property that are not the primary dwelling, in the case of a covered loss.
Personal Property Coverage
Personal Property Coverage, covers damage and/or loss of your belongings, which may include furniture, jewelry, electronics, and more.
Addtional Living Expenses
Addtional Living Expenses coverage helps to pay in the event that your home has incurred a loss great enough that you are required to live somewhere else. This coverage helps to pay for temporary housing and similar expenses.
Personal Liability
Personal Liability coverage covers damage to other people's property for which you might be responsivle. In the case of legal costs, lawsuits, bodily injury to an individual, and more, personal liability coverage may help cover costs up to a defined dollar amount listed in the policy.
Medical Payments to Others
This coverage covers you in the case a guest at your home is injured, regardless of whether you are at fault or not. Medical payments coverage is usually limit and may vary between $1,000 and $5,000. This coverage is generally designed for small claims.

Coverages may vary depending on the carrier and policy. Please contact our authorized agents to help you create a customized insurance plan that will cover your home and your belongings.

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