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Having clean teeth and good oral health is important! A dental insurance plan can provide the cost savings and benefits necessary to make sure your teeth and oral hygiene remain up to date. Piedmont Insurance & Business Group offers plans from well-known dental insurance carriers, including Cigna.

Dental coverage ranges from basic cleanings to allowances for surgical procedures like crowns and wisdom tooth removal operations. With the amount of different options available, you can customize your coverage to best suit your personal needs.

Dental coverages may include:

- Regular teeth cleanings
- X-rays and exams
- Crowns
- Restorative dentistry and fillings
- Oral surgery and extractions
- Root canals and bridges
- Endodontics and periodontics
- Dentures and implants

Our independent agency can help you to shop for the best plan that fits your needs, as well as explain the different options available to you.

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