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Insurance for Contractors

Published on Sep 15, 2020

"Contractor" is a general term for those who do an array of jobs, such as roofing, landscaping, construction, plumbing, and hardscaping. They're essential to how our homes and businesses stay safe and running. That's also why they need insurance to protect them - so if you're a general contractor, read on!


There are actually several different types of insurance that contractors could need. Here are some of the most important:


1. Workers compensation


2. Commercial general liability insurance


3. Automobile liability insurance


4. Contractors pollution insurance


5. Builders risk insurance


6. Disability insurance


7. Errors and omissions


Lastly, homeowners should remember to ask their contractors for proof of insurance before letting them work on their property. If an injury happens while an individual is working on your home, you could be bound to paying for them if they don't have insurance. And no one wants to be stuck paying for an accident that wasn't their fault!

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